Staff CVs


No. NameDepartmentAbstracts
1Mohammed Nasr El-Din Mossad HelalyAgricultural Botany13Export Abstract to word
2Moheb Taha Mohamed SaqrAgricultural Botany-
3Arafa Ahmed Arafa HassanAgricultural Botany-
4Mahmoud Mohammed Mustafa DarwishAgricultural Botany-
5Abdullah Mohammed Abu al-KheirAgricultural Botany-
6Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim KhafagyAgricultural Botany-
7Zainal Abidin Abdul Hamid MohamedAgricultural Botany-
8Saad Farouk Mohamed HusseinAgricultural Botany16Export Abstract to word
9Heba Mohamed Ibrahim Abd El SalamAgricultural Botany-
10Mostafa Fouad Mostafa Youssef al-BannaAgricultural Botany20Export Abstract to word
11Sally Arafa Ahmed ArafaAgricultural Botany-
12El Shaimaa Abd Allah Mohamed Abou El Kheir Mahmoud El ShimyAgricultural Botany-
13Nada Alaa El Din Mostafa ElsayedAgricultural Botany-
14Agricultural Botany-