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No. NameDepartmentAbstracts
2Abdel-Wahab El Shazly KhalilDairy Science -
4EL Tahra Mohammed Ahmed AmmarDairy Science 10Export Abstract to word
5Elsayed Shawky Mohamed RizkDairy Science -
7Metwaly Mohamed Abo Srea AhmedDairy Science 14Export Abstract to word
8Mohamed El Dessouky Abdel-Aziz MohamedDairy Science 7Export Abstract to word
9Mohamed Sabry Mostafa Mohamed ShaabanDairy Science 2Export Abstract to word
10Mohamed Shalaby Gomaa Abu HatabDairy Science 1Export Abstract to word
11Mohammed Samir Mohammed Ahmed DarwishDairy Science 6Export Abstract to word
12Muhammad Yunus Riad MahanaDairy Science 1Export Abstract to word
13Ola Mohamed Adel Kamel Shalaby AliDairy Science 2Export Abstract to word
14Taha Abdel Halim NaseebDairy Science -
15Walid Mahmoud Mohamed Abdou El-SharoudDairy Science 11Export Abstract to word