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No. NameDepartmentAbstracts
2Abdel Fattah Ragab Refaay AmerAgricultural Zoology11Export Abstract to word
4Ahmad Hassan Fouly AbdallaAgricultural Zoology11Export Abstract to word
5Ahmed Gamal Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al-SharifAgricultural Zoology-
6Ahmed Hammad Hamed Mohammed Nur al-DinAgricultural Zoology-
7Fatma Abdel-Mohsen Mohamed MostafaAgricultural Zoology2Export Abstract to word
8Marwa Azmy Mokhtar GenenaAgricultural Zoology-
9Mohamed Ali Ahmed OsmanAgricultural Zoology8Export Abstract to word
10Noureldin Abuelfadl Noureldin GhazyAgricultural Zoology13Export Abstract to word
11Omar Abdel-Hamid Elsayed NassarAgricultural Zoology-
12Samir Barham Gad Barham AlbohyAgricultural Zoology1Export Abstract to word